Men’s 2015-16 fixtures

2015-16 Playoffs

Quarter Final in Highfield School Wed 6th April 7.45pm tip off
Hitchin Kings – Michaelians

2015-16 League  Results

Season 2015-16 League Table Final Results 01APR16

Pre-season Tournament at Oaklands college 20-Sep 12pm
G1 Hitchin Kings vs East Herts Royals 2 30-Sep 7.45pm 70-45
G2 Michaelians vs Hitchin Kings 12-Oct 8pm 67-78
G3 Hitchin Kings vs Aylesbury Dux 21-Oct 7.45pm 59-77
Cup Hitchin Kings vs Michaelians 28-Oct 7.45pm 61-40
G4 Hatfield Magic vs Hitchin Kings 02-Nov 8pm 68-73
G5 Hitchin Kings vs North Herts Knights 2 11-Nov 7.45pm 59-37
Cup West Herts Warriors 2 vs Hitchin Kings 18-Nov 8.45pm 57-55
G6 West Herts Warriors 2 vs Hitchin Kings 25-Nov 8.45pm 53-49
Hitchin Kings vs Daventry Vikings 9-Dec 7.30pm 70-11
Cup Hitchin Kings vs Knights 2 20-Jan 7.45pm 39-49
G7 Hitchin Kings vs Michaelians 10-Feb 7.45pm 38-54
G8 East Herts Royals 2 vs Hitchin Kings 16-Feb 8pm 56-44
G9 Hitchin Kings vs West Herts Warriors 2 24-Feb 7.45pm 52-47
G10 Aylesbury Dux vs Hitchin Kings 28-Feb 8pm 47-65
G11 Hitchin Kings vs Hatfield Magic 23-Mar 7.45pm 76-69
G12 North Herts Knights 2 vs Hitchin Kings 24-Mar 8pm 63-52

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